Awaiting Rebirth

by Thrashless




Recorded, mixed and mastered at Roundsound Studios in summer 2012


released September 25, 2012

Thrashless would like to thank Marko Atso, Keijo Koppel, Arielle Carroll, Hannes Kuu, Rain Kuusik, Dave Barr, Joel Kivi and Filmiklubi, Birgitta Ashli, Kristjan “Luix” Luiga and dedicate this record to all the thrashers around the world. Keep thrashing!



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Misantrophic Death Dealer
Breaking through the lines,
Bullets cutting flesh and fire raining from the skies
Cowards shot in the back
Left to rot the nameless corpses; casualties of war

Darkness now has finally fallen
Deathlike silence, terror consuming
Paranoia taking control
Fear is overwhelming your soul

Hear the sound of an enemy gun
You can not hide and you can not run
Fatal inflicted wounds,
The time For you has come to die

Hatred of the world, aggressive anger surge,
Unleashing our rage, machinegun fire, screams of pain
Hell on earth, the devils reign,
Empty prayers, the earth is soaked with blood

The warmachine rages on
Killing fields, insane fun

Through the scope you see them fall
Laughing as they die
Pumping out the lead you smile,
Your orders are divine

You can not rest and you can not sleep,
Neutralize the enemy
Insane pleasure from a killing spree,
Another war to set you free

Psychopathic warfare, fanatical self sacrifice,
Misanthropic death dealer, indifferent to human life
Track Name: Beyond All Evil
Hear the call from beyond our graves,
Blood doesn't run anymore through our veins
Summoned by a force that is older than time,
We answer its call and obey its command

Legions come forth, fly the banner of hate,
Ascend to the throne, bring the world to its knees
Blacken the sky, watch the tyrant arise
The Fallen, The Damned shall dominate the Earth

Heard the call from beyond our graves,
Came as an army back to life from death
Our masters call we can not resist,
To kill everything till nothing exists

The world shall tremble and we shall rule,
The Devil's hand we shall command
Bringing forth the horsemen of the end,
By our hand the world, it shall be cleansed

Annihilation of civilization,
Eradication of humankind
Desecration of planet Earth,
Extermination of all that lives

Gods have damned our souls into hell,
No peaceful afterlife or no final death for us
We serve our master our purpose is to kill,
The anti-life warriors and this is our will

Beyond all good, beyond all evil,
Our reign of hate shall be eternal

Blacken the sky, watch the tyrant arise
The Fallen, the Damned shall dominate the Earth
Track Name: Merciless Death
Show no mercy – merciless death!
Die in pain – merciless death!
Hate all life – merciless death!
Only death is real

Death shall set you free, embrace it without fear
Let the madness Reign, take a rusty blade,
Open up your veins, bleed just like a pig
Take your worthless life, We want you fucking dead

The bullet pierces flesh, cutting through your head,
Horrific final moments, before you’re finally dead
Your corpse left there to rot on the battlefield,
Your life has ended here but death don’t fucking care

Suicide and war, murder, plague and horror,
Death will not discriminate, it always ends the same
Liars, whores and traitors, righteous fucks and preachers,
We all shall die the same, in agony and pain

You lie there on the floor, slowly bleeding out,
The Reaper stands behind you, smiling at your death
The end arrives with terror, your life, it slips away,
To hell your soul is damned to burn, for all eternity
Track Name: Sanity Deprived
I have been deprived of hope and joy for life
The buried pain inside, won't let me feel alive
All I see is red, the blood that I have bled
Wishing you were dead, so I could find my peace

In my head I see me dead,
Murdered by myself
The rope is tight around my neck,
My final journey set

The pain, the screams, the agony,
It all has finally gone
I feel the life bleed out of me,
I will now be free

I can’t seem to find any peace of mind
Seek out isolation, deny the helping hand,
Reality is blurred by hate for all mankind,
I just want to kill, all that I can find

The voices speak and tell me to kill
I obey and seek out my prey
I take my blade and follow through,
Another victim…dead!

So I carry on, my sanity is lost
I just want to kill, no matter what’s the cost
You can’t help me now, my soul is damned to hell
When you’ve all been killed, I’ll finally be at peace