Crabs in the Bucket

by Kaschalot



Why Crabs in the Bucket? A social matter.

There's a wonderful thing called «crab bucket theory» — which, in short, implies that crabs are socially stupid: one crab placed in a bucket would easily get out of it, while a bunch of such would grab and pull each other down.

When one tries to quit smoking, his friends will go "won't work, forget it" and hand him a fag instead – crab bucket. When one's going for a second higher education, his colleagues will argue "why, aren't tired enough at work?" – crab bucket. When one's own parents tell him they're being foolish (loser, mediocre, nothing's gonna come outta that) — yep, crab bucket.

It is in the human (crab) nature, can't help it, except one thing – overcome the bucket, no matter how many others pull you back.

A. Ivanov


released February 1, 2015
Thanks to Juri Grigorjev, Sergei Kharhan, Aleksei Myshtsyn, Maksim Moroz, Kirill and Artjom Kabaev

Cover art by Apchi Team



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